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A. The Background of the Study 

Indonesia is the country where English is positioned as a foreign language. Considering the importance of English, Indonesian government has decided to put English as one of the subjects which is taught in the school from kindergarten until university level. English is considered as important subject to learn since many fields in human life especially education uses English as the language to communicate and to share knowledge and information.

The main goal of language teaching is to enable the students to communicate with others. Furthermore the goal of language teaching and learning English lesson for Junior High School in KTSP 2007 is as follows: Membina keterampilan berbahasa dan berkomunikasi secara lisan dan tertulis untuk menghadapi perkembangan ipteks dalam menyongsong era globalisasi. (Suparman, 2007)

It can be concluded that Junior High School students must develop their competence in global communication and must improve their comprehension of relationship between language and the technology. It means that Junior High School students need to learn English in order to develop their communicative competence to learn knowledge and technology. Nowadays, many occupations require people who are able to master both oral and written English. This opportunity makes mastering English is a must for the students.

Teaching and learning English in Junior High School is different from teaching and learning English in kindergarten and elementary school viewed from the teaching method and the materials. There are more aspects that have to be considered. Teaching method has a close relationship to students’ psychology. The teacher has to consider about the psychological aspect of the teenagers like them when he delivers the materials. They are neither children nor adult. So, it needs appropriate treatments and appropriate media to teach them.

The complexity of English materials in Junior High School is showed in the structure, vocabularies and pronunciation that are more complex than those in kindergarten and primary school. The teacher needs to know the basic competence of Junior High School in order to make an effective teaching learning process. 

English is considered the difficult subjects for most of Junior High School students in Indonesia since it is simply different from their first and second language. That is why most of them often make some mistakes in producing oral and written English although every aspects of this language have been taught since primary school. To find out the biggest problem faced by the students, the researcher conducts pre-research in Junior High School that will be as the object of the research.

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