Using Movie To Increase Students’ Pronunciation (lengkap sampai dapus)



CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of Study 

I personally think that English is the world's most important language. Why do I say that? Firstly, English is an international language. It is spoken by many people all over the world, either as a first or a second language. Secondly, English is also the key which opens doors to scientific, and technical knowledge, which is needed for the economic and political development of many countries in the world. Thirdly, English is a top requirement of those who are seeking jobs. English as a foreign language is taught in all schools in Indonesia. It has been taught in every Educational Institution Level.

In learning English, there are four language skills that should be learned by the students, they are: listening, speaking, reading and writing. All skills in English are essential because all these skills relate to each other. This research will not focus on the four skills, since it consumes a lot of times and needs continous efforts. This research is only related to one skill, namely Speaking and I choose one part of the speaking, that is “Pronunciation”. Pronunciation is one of important aspects in English. Celce-Murcia (1996: 8) states that intelligible pronunciation is one of the necessary components of oral communication. As a foreign language, English is considered difficult to pronounce since there are differences between the symbol and it sounds. In many cases, students understand the meaning but find difficulties to express the word on spoken language, because it is very different between how to spell and to pronounce the word.

As foreign language learners, Indonesian students often find problem with pronunciation when they speak, read, or listen to English words. It might be caused by internal and external factors. Internal factors come from the learners themselves, such as motivation, interest, aptitude, and intelligence, while the external factors come from outside of the learners, such as the situation and condition of the environment, learning materials, and the teacher’s ability in handling the English teaching learning process. As Kenworthy (1987: 4) observes that “there are many factors affecting pronunciation learning for EFL students such as hearing, native language and age of learners”. 

In fact, based on the writer’s experience most of students get difficulties to speak English because they have lot of vocabularies and they do not know the way to pronounce it. Therefore in teaching learning process most of students want to speak English in a good pronunciation, they want to have more media to practice their English pronunciation not only from book or dictionary but also from the other media such as watch movie from television or from laptop. Most of people from different ages love watching movie from different genres. Exactly the students’ usually watch movie just for fun, to fulfill the leisure time without caring about the content, such as what the singer sings about, what the reporter informs, even if they do, they only know the tittle. The problem is how to make these activities become useful, not only for fun but also for gaining the information and the knowledge inside. 

Because of that, lecturers must know how to make students enjoy in learning and understanding what they are learning, exactly in mastering pronunciation. As a lecturer, it is important to create an interesting method, materials and media in teaching environment until the students understand about how to pronounce the word. The best one in teaching-learning process is active learning. In active learning the students are actively involved. Klippel (1984: 5) claims that “learning is more effective if the learners are actively involved in the process”. And then the researcher think to solve that problem, watching movie is one of the unique way and the alternative technique that can be used in teaching pronunciation. We can see the students’ ability of understanding the movie to increase pronunciation. Based on Keith Robinson (2007: 2) defines that “the power of seeing an actor speak, hearing their pronunciation, and linking it reforces learning, it challenging and makes you think”. And the writer’s has experience, most of the writer’s friends can speak English well and remember a new vocabulary and pronounce it without learning English course. They just watch the movie and they pronounce the word better than the writer does.

The researcher also found some previous researches that have been conducted by using movie as learning media to improve students’ ability in learning English. A researcher named Mustika Ratna Pratiwi. In her research, “Improving Pronunciation Ability Using Cartoon Films”, has discussed how to improve pronunciation by using cartoon films. In her research, final result prove that cartoon films could improve the students’ pronunciation ability. Then, Imayati Kalean in her research“ Speaking Skill Improvement By Using Movie As Media”, her research result showed that movie is media to improve an effective students’ speaking skill. Then I also found in Uin Ar-Raniry thesis espesially at English Department, a researcher named Farisati Izza. “Increasing Vocabulary through Barbie Movie”. The thesis discussed how to improve vocabulary by using barbie movie. Her research showed that teaching vocabulary using movie as media can improve students’ vocabulary skill. Based on the result, the researcher concluded that movie is considered as an effective media in improving the students’ ability in mastering pronunciation.

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